About Dayclub

For the past 50 years, women's golf clothes have not exactly been known to be sexy or fashionable. The same archaic designs and styles have been used repeatedly for women's golf clothing leaving women frustrated or embarrassed by their lack of options. More times than not, that frustration leads to fear of being judged or kicked off the golf course for not following proper clothing "etiquette." After years of never having anything to wear, it's time for women's golf clothing to change.      

More Millennial women are playing golf than ever before, and they all have the same problem - "but what will I wear?!" Most turn to yoga pants or khakis with no in-between. There has long been a huge missed opportunity to connect traditional golf attire and etiquette with the modern day style and fashion for women - until today. Enter Dayclub - we are here and we are disrupting the women's golf apparel game. 

Dayclub inspires women to play the greatest game on earth and look good AF doing it. 

Are you ready to play?